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Erika`s Invitation 196/165 - Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151

Erika`s Invitation 196/165 - Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151

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Kjøp Erika`s Invitation 196/165 fra Pokémon TCG Scarlet & Violet: 151 her.

  • Rask levering fra lager i Bergen, Norge
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  • Kortnummer: 196/165
  • Set: Scarlet & Violet 151
  • Utgivelsesdato: 22. September 2023
  • Sjeldenhet: Ultra Rare / Secret Rare
  • Regulation: G

Artist: saino misaki

    Trainer - Supporter

    Your opponent reveals their hand, and you put a Basic Pokémon you find there onto your opponent's Bench. If you put a Pokémon onto their Bench in this way, switch in that Pokémon to the Active Spot.

    You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn.

      STANDARD: Legal

        EXPANDED: Legal

        UNLIMITED: Legal

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